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The Search For Gemstone Jewelry

The Search For Gemstone Jewelry

This winter was a long one for many. It is so nice to have spring flowers arrive and see sunshine! One exciting winter event for us is the Gem and Jewelry Show in Tucson, Arizona. It is very much a global event with many exhibitors arriving from Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. Plus, there were many other exhibitors from throughout the United States.  

We were happy to visit with a terrific New York based jewelry supplier. We have consistently used his beautiful sterling silver chains in our Verbena Sky jewelry line. Not only are they quality sterling silver, but they are actually made in Italy with fine craftsmanship.  

We were also thrilled to get some gorgeous turquoise beads and pendants which we will be adding to our Verbena Sky online store soon. Over the last two months, we showcased some beautiful Verbena Sky jewelry made with opals, labradorite, larimar, blue topaz, onyx, and agate. These items are from the gem show as well. 

We are committed to offering jewelry made from natural gemstones. Although they may not be absolutely flawless due to their natural status, they are a beautiful contribution from the Earth. Each bead and pendant is completely unique with its own characteristics.

We handpick the stones that end up in our Verbena Sky jewelry. We try to find the prettiest as well as the most interesting stones.  We are committed to offering a variety of price points as well. So you can then ask yourself - why buy fake when you can buy real?  


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