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Statement earrings. Stud earrings. Hoops. Which is your favorite? Every woman can wear each of these styles. But sometimes the hairstyle or outfit can sway opinion on the best choice.

Statement earrings add sparkle and drama to an updo hairstyle - or a single color outfit (monochromatic dressing) - or a formal dress. Large bold earrings in a teardrop style or in a round circle are simple geometric shapes that are a creative and beautiful accent to your face and to any outfit. Sparkling gemstones, such as tourmaline, mother of pearl, citrine, or hematite can be amazing in statement earring designs. Natural gemstones, especially when they have a sophisticated facet cut, are born show stoppers.  

Dangle & Drop Earrings are an easy favorite for many women. This earring style is like a mini or smaller version of the Statement Earring. A beautiful smaller sized gemstone or smaller sized geometric shape dangles or drops down from the earlobe directly or dangles on a hoop earring. This style is perfect for gifting favorite gems, pearls, and birthstones. It is also a natural jewelry choice to elevate a casual outfit or to accent a dressy outfit. 


Stud earrings are incredibly popular today. Not only are they easy and lightweight to wear, they go with every outfit and every hairstyle. Today's studs can be small circles, tiny gems, ovals, and bar shaped.  


Anna Beck Stud Earrings


Hoops. Large hoops can be fabulous as they say "look at what a pretty earring I am." They peek out from long hair styles and pop out like a statement with updos, ponytails, and short hair styles. They proclaim femininity and style. 

Small hoops are similar to stud earrings in that they can be worn every day with anything. It is an easy go-to choice to look pulled together and ready to go at anytime.

We love all of these earring styles. Whatever your choice - be it for yourself or for a gift (every year earrings make the top gifts) - know that our earrings are made from genuine fine metals - sterling silver or gold. We wouldn't think of carrying anything else! Happy shopping! ;-)

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