How to sleep well

For many years I thought I just wasn't a morning person. I woke up bleary-eyed and in a fog. I couldn't begin to have a simple conversation before I had an initial cup of strong coffee. If I had tried to work out or drive before a shower and coffee, I surely would have endangered myself or others! After many years of struggling with this, I found out I just don't sleep well. I barely get 5 hours of good sleep despite being in bed much longer than that. This information was a game changer for me. I began testing different methods to better my sleep.

There are many tools and methods that are used by people trying to sleep well. There has been a flurry of articles over the last year on this very topic. The reasons for poor sleep vary significantly among us. For some it is eating or drinking too late or too much. For others, it can be a need for more magnesium in the diet or possibly hormone fluctuations. We are told to keep the room very cool or cold. We are told to exercise earlier in the day. 

In addition to these remedies, I have found sleepwear to be paramount. The bulk of sleepwear available today in stores is made of 100% polyester or other unbreathable fabrics. Sleeping in natural fabrics like cotton help keep a person cool at night. Also choosing a garment with a scooped neck or scooped back help - particularly in the summer.  I have found a few such garments by our partner, Natori, to illustrate. I love Natori sleepwear and have been a Natori customer for a few years. Of course they are very feminine and pretty. But unlike with some other brands, I find them to be amazingly comfortable and stretchy for sleep.  

Natori Zen Floral Gown with Lace 

Rib And Lace Chemise

Both of these Natori gowns are great examples of sleepwear that helps you sleep well. Not only are they comfortable but they are great looking and provide very flattering silhouettes.

I hope you are able to sleep well this week.