What's Special About Peruvian Cotton?

What’s Special About Peruvian Cotton?

At Verbena Sky, we pride ourselves in finding unique and well made products for our customers. In particular, we are always searching for items made from natural fabrics.

Some people (like me) are somewhat sensitive to clothing and jewelry that are made from polyester and other man-made materials. I actually can have a physical reaction if the product does not have any natural material in it. Over the last few years, it has been more difficult to find items made from natural material like cotton, silk, linen, and wool.  In many aspects, shoppers today are left with buying a blend of natural and man-made material. Finding clothing that is 100% natural can be akin to a nomadic quest for many of us.   

Then, there is the sticker shock.  It is often much more expensive to buy something that is 100% cotton or wool or silk. The key is realizing the item will remain gorgeous for a much longer period of time.  You could easily wear it for several seasons not just one or two times (like with cheap fabric) before it is threadbare. For something that is beautiful and expensive, it can be a joy to wear it many times. 

One partner of ours, Peruvian Connection, really excels in the natural fabric universe.  They are based in Kansas and specialize in sweaters. But they also offer other women's clothing and accessories made from cotton and alpaca produced in the South American country of Peru. 

According to the Peruvian Connection, the growing conditions along the coast of Peru create the best quality pima cotton in the world. Peruvian pima cotton is extra long in length which makes it incredibly soft, durable, and best of all - very resistant to pilling. Because of the environmentally friendly hand-harvesting techniques, the white cotton fibers are free from scratchy impurities.

We would like to share with you a couple of their beautiful pima cotton products. The first is an amazing woman's cotton tunic that is gorgeously embellished with a crochet pattern of jewel tones. Bright tassels on the cuffs bring a whimsical touch. It really is a fabulous statement piece that can carry you through many Fall Seasons (and the winter in milder climates). It is made by hand in Peru of 100% pima cotton and is available in sizes extra small (size equivalent "2") to extra large (size equivalent "16-18"). It is shown here with a cotton tank underneath, leggings and boots.  


 Shop the New Fall 2016 Collection at PeruvianConnection.com!

Another great example of Peruvian pima cotton is their Pasco Tote. It an artisan-crafted tote of crochet patterns utilizing neutral colors. It has a zip top and is fully lined and has a 43-inch strap. It is made by hand in Peru of 100% pima cotton. Although this item is from their summer collection (and is marked down), the color and pattern of the bag works beautifully with denim and many Early Fall apparel items.

 What’s Special About Peruvian Cotton?


Pasco Pima Cotton Tote - Hand crochet in sunfaded, tweedy hues, the artisan-crafted pima tote is a panoply of patterned striping. Get it now for $279 at PeruvianConnection.com! 

So what is so special about Peruvian cotton? We love the luxurious softness to the touch. We love the durability and longevity of it so that we can carry this bag or wear this tunic over many months and years. We love the artistic detail that can be found only with handmade goods. And of course, we love allowing our skin to breathe.



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