Brown Moonstone Bracelet - 6 Carats - Gold Color Flash

$ 50.00

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This minimalism bracelet showcases a natural moonstone gem. Bracelet is adjustable, lightweight, and strong. 

Moonstone have a large range of color, with white being the most common. This unique moonstone is brown with gold color flash.  Moonstone is a protection stone is said to bring calm and clarity to stressful environments. 

- Checkerboard cut semi-precious gem

- Stone is 6 carats and measures 12mm x 15mm

- Strong sliding knot cord

- Gift box and branded storage pouch

- Fits wrists from 6 inches to 8.5 inches in size


Material: Brown Moonstone, Cord, Sterling Silver Tag

Brand: LAYONE Paris

LAYONE Paris is a brand in France that specializes in gemstones. They source their gems from around the world and hand pick what is used in their collections. These bracelets were designed by Morganne Bello and made by hand in Paris, France.