Azurite Malachite Gemstone Earrings | Sterling Silver | Earth Stone

$ 80.00

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Embrace your inner elegant boho with these beautiful earrings. Made from natural Azurite Malachite, the stone is polished smooth and set in sterling silver.

Matched pair earrings
Natural earth stone
Sterling silver setting and ear wire
Minimal simple style

Choice of Shape: teardrop or rectangle

Cloth jewelry pouch, gift box and ribbon included.

Earring Length: 1.75 inches
Earring Width: 1/3 of inch

Color: navy blue with shades of green

What is Azurite Malachite? This stone is a natural ingrown blend of 2 distinct gemstones - deep blue Azurite and green banded Malachite. It is often found near copper and Turquoise mines in Australia, Africa and Chile. Many believe Azurite enhances intuition and Malachite absorbs negative energies. The combination is thought to be a stone of great healing and energy.

Material: Azurite Malachite, Sterling Silver