Boho Gemstone Beaded Bracelet Set | Stack of 3 Bead Bracelets | Silver Hematite | Labradorite | Gray Druzy | Tassel

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Feel the coolness of natural stone on your wrist. This triple stack of beaded bracelets is made from natural druzy, labradorite, and hematite. Silver accent beads and silver charms and a cotton tassel add to the design. Wear each bracelet alone or layer all 3 together. Elastic stretch. Fits small to medium size wrist.

These gemstones are natural and no two are the same. Their raw look and individual characteristics add to their natural beauty and uniqueness.

This set of 3 bracelets include

- Bracelet with matte gray druzy beads, a sterling silver charm and colorful cotton tassel

- Bracelet with polished labradorite beads and sterling silver accent beads

- Bracelet with silver hematite beads and sterling silver charm

-  Elastic stretch for easy slip on and off

Meaning: Protection and healing. Some say labradorite strengthens the wearer's own natural energies. The labradorite stone was first discovered in the Canadian province, Labrador. Today, the stone can also be found in Finland, Russia, and Mexico. Labradorite is known for its gorgeous flashes of color which are typically blue or green.

Note: Protect your jewelry by storing it in individual soft pouches or airtight bags. This will help prevent it from reacting with sulphur in the air or from being scratched. 


Material: druzy, labradorite, hematite, 925 sterling silver, cotton tassel

Item Fit / Dimensions:  Elastic stretch. Fits small wrist easily. Fits medium wrist snugly.